Tufts Medical Center

We have partnered with Dr. Brian Ho at Tufts New England Medical Center Neurology Department to evaluate PD patient's gait and develop a clinical trial with the support of the Tufts IRB.  We have been recording the dynamics of patient's gait, their stability and speed with and without visual cueing.  As we develop prototype solutions we will proceed to at-home testing.  Currently we have data on over 30 patients and are seeking more to join the eventual formal trial.

Capstone Team.jpg

Northeastern University
School of Engineering


Under the leadership of Professor Waleed Melesis's Enabling Engineering Capstone Senior project a group of six senior engineering students developed a hip mounted StartGait prototype for visual cueing based on predictive gait algorithms.  The team leader, Justin Schwartzseid is pictured here presenting the prototype to judges at the 2017 RISE showcase.


MIT Medical Hackathon

We had a wonderful time and gathered new members from the MIT Grand Hack Medical Device Hackathon in April 2016, where we were delighted to be a finalist in the Healthcare @ Home division.  Elena Butler and Mandi Cai from the Hackathon have joined our team, working on Business Development and App Design.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.